The Peterson’s 2012: A Year in Review

To say the least, 2012 was an interesting year for the Peterson clan!

We moved, got a puppy, celebrated a first birthday, and a second birthday, had a baby, celebrated 3 years of marriage and much, much more! Some of the highlights can be seen here:



The Boys

I’ve been “challenged” to write about me. Not my kids, or my husband, or being a mom or wife, but me. Since this challenge has come about, I have spent many hours thinking about me.

I LOVE music. I love all kinds of music. I love listening to music. I love trying to play music. I love reading the lyrics to music. I love the way written music looks. I honestly love music.

Something that is a random fact about me, that speaks volumes of who I am, is that I am hopelessly and 100% in love with Rascal Flatts. Now, this might not seem like it opens the window to the real me, but it does.

My all time, top favorite songs are, “What Hurst the Most”, “Bless the Broken Road”, “She Goes All the Way”, and “Easy”.

1. What Hurts the Most : This is a song, truly about saying what you need to say, when you need to say it. I have a theory, “Say it now, fix it later”. What I mean, is, get the thousands of thoughts out of your head and start somewhere. I am a HUGE advocate for communication. I have often thought about becoming a counselor or therapist, but I don’t have the desire to go back to school. Ever. When I was younger, I was hurt so many times by not saying what I felt. When I would be getting in trouble, and a parent would be scolding me, I would stare straight ahead and “take it”, because of fear that my feelings weren’t valid enough to be heard. Once I was in college, that changed. You can’t live in a room full of girls, on a floor full of more girls, in a building filled with even more girls, and not talk. I tried. It didn’t work. It ended in my roommate and I, sitting in the middle of our floor, sobbing and laying blame, with our building “mom” next to us trying to help us work through it. I learned a lot in those few hours. But, something that I have never let go of, is, “Say it now, fix it later”.

2. Bless the Broken Road : God blesses and appoints relationships. Take a look at the people around you, and tell me that God didn’t bring them into your life. Even those annoying, wanna-punch-in-the-face people… they are there for a reason. Now, this song is speaking more of a romantic relationship, but let’s move past that for a minute.

“You just smile and take my hand, you’ve been there, you understand…”

Who are those people in your life who are willing to hold your hand (sometimes literally), because they know what you are going through? I can’t even list the people who have been there for me, because there are so many.

3. She Goes All the Way : While this song may be construed to be talking of sex, I think it goes beyond that. My favorite line is, “No matter what I need, the answer’s always, ‘Yes’, I only have to dream…” When defining relationships, I look for people that will say “yes” to my needs, and that I want to say, “yes” to theirs. I want to surround myself with people who will not only listen to my dreams and aspirations, but help me achieve them as well.

4. Easy : There is no deep thought behind this song. I just LOVE the duet with Gary LeVox and Natasha Bedingfield.

Once upon a time, this was my favorite song. I was getting ready to go to the Rascal Flatts concert, and Mr. says, “I hope they sing your favorite song!”

I replied, “I do to, but its not gonna happen because its a duet with Natasha Bedingfield, and they surely aren’t bringing her for a concert.”

Later that night, while enjoying the concert, I heard the first 3 notes of “Easy”, and I literally started giggling. Then, out came, none other than, the Natasha Bedingfield. I was on cloud nine.

Anyway, you’ve heard enough about my love of Rascal Flatts.




Oh, sorry. I was busy daydreaming of “the Boys”. 😉


What are your favorite songs, and what do you think they say about you?

Mr…. Mr. Awesome, That Is

Well, folks, you asked for it! I am writing a post on how awesome Mr. is.



The end.


Just kidding. Kind of. 😉


So, I was thinking about what I would write in a blog post about Mr. I came up with about a million things, and I couldn’t wrap my head around it. So, instead, I present:

10 Things I Love about Mr.

(in Photo form)


1. He embraces my silliness.


2. And his ability to make me laugh.



3. He gave me this beauty.



4. And this handsome boy.


5. And this adorable baby.



6. His love of baseball.



7.And that he is passing that on to our children.


8. His height. (Someone has to reach all the high stuff, you know.)


9.His ability to grow an afro.


10. But most of all, I love that he chose me as his wife. And let’s be honest, that’s what really makes him awesome.


I am so incredibly blessed to call this man my husband, partner in crime, other half, father of my children, and most of all, my best friend. I love him more than words can say and I would be lost without him.

He is my favorite.





Happy Birthday, Dear Laura… Betsy….

We were talking about hair, and how Miss Laura was going to come and cut Little Miss and Middle Little’s hair soon. Then, I said, “Do you want to sing “Happy Birthday to Betsy”? She readily agreed, but was clearly a little confused.

Directly after asking to see herself she says, “Now we eat CAKE!!! I will get a fork for us.”

Happy Birthday to my good friend, Betsy! I wish I could spend today celebrating with you, but since I can’t, I will celebrate from afar!

Cute Baby

I love when people tell me my kids are cute.DSC_0342_edited-1

Not like, “Oh, you have a new baby. He’s cute.” But, the unprovoked, stranger walks up to you in a store and tells you, “He is SO cute.”

They don’t have to tell you that. Your friends and family, they have to tell you that your kids are cute. Its a rule somewhere. I just know it. Anyway, I like when people tell me I have cute kids. It feels as though I have at least accomplished providing the world with some cute children. I don’t have to be the best cook, or the most knowledgeable mom, or the craftiest (I mean, I want to be all of those, but I  don’t have to be), as long as I keep picking the right genes when making children. Cause, you get to pick those things, you know. Maybe that’s why my kids are cuter than yours… because you didn’t know you were supposed to pick genes.  And did.

I also like when people tell me I have a cute dog.

IMG_1717Unlike the genes for my children, I actually DID pick him. And he is cute. And I like him.


This story is about a particular gentleman that I encountered at the grocery store.

I was standing in the cereal aisle, a man behind me says, “Oh, what a cute baby! How old is he?”

I replied with a polite, “Thank you. He is 4 months old.”

The man he then says, “Yeah… my brother has a baby who was born in October. I think he is 4 months old… counts on fingers 1 -2-3-4… Yeah, 4 months.”

Not really knowing what to say at this point, I grab a box of cereal and say, “It was nice chatting. Have a good evening.”


I finished my shopping and left the store. As I approached my car, I realized there was someone standing by my vehicle, talking through the window. When I got closer the person turned and looked at me. He says, “Is this your car?”

I told him, “Yes. It is.”

He says, “Then that must be your dog, too…?”

I kind of chuckled, “Yep. That is my dog, in that car, which is also mine.”

He said,  recognizing me from inside, “Cute dog and a cute baby. Seems fitting for a cute lady.”

Not quite knowing how to answer that, I said, “Thanks.” And awkwardly brushed my hair out of my face so as to not get poked in the eye by my bangs.

In doing so, I apparently flashed my wedding band, because he then says, “Oh… you’re married. Is your husband cute, too?” and laughs.

I quickly respond, “Well, I sure think so! Have a good night!”

I then proceeded to get in my car and laugh. For a long time.


Not only did a total stranger compliment my baby and my dog, and hit on me, he also, inadvertently hit on my husband. I love going grocery shopping!


Hope you had a great Monday!



Hawaiian Style Ham Steak

Tonight, I made a new recipe. And by made a new recipe, I mean.. made it. Because, I didn’t have one. So, I made it up. And here is what I came up with:


I call it Hawaiian Style Ham Steak. Or as Mr. called it: Ham Steak with some sort of really good pineapple gravy stuff.

Made with salty ham, sweet brown sugar and tart pineapple, it hits all the notes in this “Medley of MMMMMM”. And with the tangy bite of some Sour Cream and Chive Mashed Potatoes, its the ultimate pairing!

The recipe is simple. So simple, its almost not even a recipe.

Did I mention that its SO TASTY?!? It was so wonderful that even Little Miss couldn’t get enough.


She kept asking for “More of that sauce, Mama!”

I love her. And I love this new recipe.

Oh. I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy telling you how amazing it was, I almost forgot to post it! (Just kidding. How could I forget to share this small piece of Heaven?)


Here’s what you’ll need to serve 2-4 people:

2 Ham steaks (whatever kind you prefer)

3 Tbs. Butter

10 oz. crushed Pineapple

1/4 cup Brown Sugar

3 tsp. Garlic Powder

2 Tbs. Flour

Salt and Pepper to taste

Start off by melting your butter in a large skillet, over medium-high heat.

You’ll want enough room to brown all the ham. If making more than 2 ham steaks, I recommend browning them first. Set them off to the side, and then start with the “sauce”.

Once your butter is melted, sprinkle brown sugar over bottom of the pan. Add in the garlic powder and some salt and pepper.

Allow the brown sugar and butter to start to cook down together, being VERY CAREFUL not to burn it!

After about 3 minutes, place the ham in the sauce. Pour the pineapple over the ham (Do not stir or mix or combine. Or incorporate. Or… never mind. You get the point.) and bring to a roll…That’s how I like to say, “Make sure it’s really hot and bubbling”. Now, I know I said don’t mix it, but some of the juice will inevitably run down into the butter/brown sugar mixture. This is fine… just don’t “mix” it. Once your mixture has come to a roll, reduce the heat, cover and allow it to simmer for about 5-10 minutes.

Next, remove the ham and place on a serving platter, leaving the pineapple, and brown sugar mixture.

Sprinkle the flour over the sauce that is taking shape!

You are almost done and ready to partake in your portion of Heaven.

Whisk the flour until there are no lumps. I mean, there will still be tidbits of pineapple, but those aren’t lumps… they’re tidbits.

Now you have perfectly browned, salty ham:


And wonderfully tart, yet sweet sauce:


Combine and enjoy:

IMG_3937Until we meet again,


Jesus Loves Me

From early on, Mr. has sung “Jesus Loves Me” to our kids to comfort them. Recently, I have noticed Little Miss singing it to Buddy Boy when he is fussing. Except, her version is a little different.

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus lubs me, this I know

Bubbles tells me no

Little ones him belong

They wiggle he has song

Yes! Jesus lubs me!

Yes! Jesus lubs me!

Yes! Jesus lubs me!

The bubble tells me so!!!!!!

She might not have all the words correct, but her heart is sincere.

Until we meet again,


10 Things About Me

While writing this post, I keep hearing the “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you….” song.

1. I love to cook, but hate to clean. Therefore, I cook and leave a giant mess in the kitchen, which results in me not wanting to cook, because in order to cook, I would have to clean, and as mentioned before, I hate to clean. *breath*

2. I have no fashion style. I wear mostly jeans and Old Navy t-shirts that I have owned since high school. No, they don’t really fit. Thanks for bringing that up…

3. My hair has no style either. Well, I suppose technically, long and puffy is a “style”. Kind of like “mullet” – a style, but definitely not a good one.

4. I don’t wear make-up. I never really learned how to properly apply it, so it scares me. Well, maybe not “scares”. Just, “annoys” me. Yeah… annoys. Boy, I am getting annoyed just thinking about make-up.

5. I am a little lot OCD when it comes to matching.  Things that don’t match make me absolutely NUTS!!! This includes socks, plates on a table, furniture, etc.

6. I hate Twitter, yet I have an account. #can’tstandhashtags

7. I love my husband. However, if either Shemar Moore or a member of Rascal Flatts showed up and asked me out, I would leave him. Except when they were filming or touring, then I would still be with my husband. 

8. I hate being naked. This is beneficial to you, because no one wants to see me naked. Except doctors… they always make me take my clothes off when I go to visit them. But, they also give me a robe (at least that’s what they call the piece of paper they give me).

9. I sell Usborne Books. They are amazing children’s books, and you probably need some, so visit my website. (I’ll post my site later… its currently down for maintenance.)

10. I absolutely love F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

You’re welcome, by the way… for all this pointless information. Oh, and for getting this song stuck in your head:

Until we meet again,

-Smokin’ Hot Mama

(Mr. requested I sign out with this. Don’t worry. It will change)