Here in Minnesota, they recently passed a law allowing Same-Sex Marriage.

Just like everyone else with a brain, I have an opinion about this. It doesn’t really matter what my opinion is. I am married to a man and I like it that way.

I also have 3 kids, and I like that. And I have a dog, and I like that. And I live in Minnesota, and I like that. I don’t smoke, and I like it. I don’t wear mini-skirts and tube tops, revealing all of the skin the law will allow, and I also like this.

Do you like me more, because of these things?

Sometimes I “bend the truth”, or omit pieces of information. This is called lying. Occasionally I wish I had something that someone else has. This is called coveting.

Do you love me less, because of these things?

I’m sure by this point you are utterly confused. What do all of these things have to do with each other?

I have chosen the life I live.I could have made a choice to not get married to Mr. I could have chosen to not have children. But, I didn’t. I could choose to dress more provocatively. But, I don’t. Why? Because I have beliefs and I follow them. I go to church, and there are women with no husbands, and couples with no children, and women wearing *gasp*  tank tops!! I watch rated R movies. I swear on occasion (but don’t tell my parents). I get angry and yell. At church, there are people who refrain from watching anything rated R. And they don’t swear ever. And they remain calm and collected. Although none of these are sins, they are in fact choices. Does my decision to have a family right away and dress “modestly” make me a better Christian than others? Does the refrain from yelling and watching rated R movies make others a better Christian than I am? Absolutely not. We all go to the same church, so our religious beliefs are the same, but even within those boundaries, we make different choices.

Do I love the single women and the childless couples and even the tank top wearers? Yes. I do. Do I love the calm and collected, PG movie-only-watchers, and non-swearing people? Yes. I do. Even though their lives are different than mine. Why? Because love is a choice. I choose to love.

If I only loved people who were just like me, and believed the same things as me, and chose to live the same way as me, I wouldn’t even love my husband. Or my kids. I would only love me.

No matter what the sin, I choose to love. Why? Because I, too, am a sinner. My sin may be different than yours, but it is still a sin. Does that mean that I think it’s ok that you stole a candy bar from the store? No. But, I love despite that.

I am called to love. Not to judge. The Bible says, “You who has no sin, cast the first stone.” I will not cast the first stone, because my own sin is weighing me down to the point that I am not sure I could lift the measly little rock. I will not throw the second, third or one-thousandth stone, either. Because it is not my job to judge.

There is a wedding coming up that has caused much controversy among my friends and family. You see, it is a lesbian couple that the wedding is for. *gasp* I know that’s what a lot of you are thinking right now. “Lesbians… getting married?!?! WHAT?!” Get over it. If you have never gone to a wedding where either of the participants were sinners, feel free to weigh in in the “Comments”.

I will be attending this wedding.

Because I love the women who are being wed.

I don’t agree with everything they choose, but I love them.

And in the end, that’s what matters.

I have my beliefs, and you have yours.

They are choosing their life, and I chose mine. And I choose to love.

I choose to love the thieves, liars, adulterers, covets, the hypocrites, and the lesbians.

Same-sex marriage is a choice. Traditional marriage is a choice. LOVE is a choice.